Sunday, July 20, 2008

And Then There's New England!!

When Corey created this blog for me I thought I would only use it for my trip to Europe to keep people at home informed of my whereabouts. But it seems as though some of these people have grown accustomed to this blog and want me to keep it going. I've given it a little thought and think maybe I'll give it a try at least every once in awhile.

As much as I love foreign travel (and I do love foreign travel), there is something so wonderful about New England I would never want to minimize the great experience we have living in New England. For many years now (since our children were little and they're far from little anymore) Bill and I have taken great pleasure in driving the back roads of New England. We had that such experience today. Last night we ended up with our friends, Barry and Gail, in the West Dover Inn in West Dover, Vermont. It claims to be the oldest continuously running Inn in the country. We enjoyed the piano player in the restaurant last night and the suite they upgraded us to when I found some dirty towels in the room we had reserved.

Today we drove around southwestern Vermont stopping at a few antique stores and taking pictures of barns (a personal favorite of mine).

We headed into northwestern Massachusetts and passed through Williams College. We loved walking around the campus for a bit and then headed to the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge. Above is Norman Rockwell's studio which was moved to the museum sight. We enjoyed the main street of Stockbridge and ate a little supper in a good downtown eatery. Stockbridge was awesome!! I'd never been to Stockbridge before.

Just a note about my "Galavanting Gigi" name. It is pretty obvious that I like to galavant whether near or far so that part of the title is easy. The Gigi part is the name I chose for my first (and only so far)grandchild, Calleigh, to call me. I was more that ready to be a grandmother, but not ready for "Nana", "Grammy" or the rest of the common names. Those names are all wonderful names of people I love, but not me. So my attempt to chose my own name, Gigi, was put out there with some anticipation that Calleigh might chose something else or not be able to say it at all. I am pleased to say that at 14 months she has the Gigi down and I think I'm all set. Time will tell.