Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And Camden Makes Baby #2

At 4:48am on Sunday morning Corey deposited Aubree to my bed so that she could get a little uninterrupted sleep. At 5:39am when my phone rang I knew my visit with Calleigh, Aubree and their parents was about to end. As I expected it was Shawn announcing that Camille was in labor. By 9am I had the last seat on the 9:10 flight from Orlando to Manchester, NH. By 10pm after a strenuous labor little Camden Shawn Brace was born.

So Camden makes the second grandchild for Bill and me within 5 days! He is totally adorable and even though I may be prejudice I think most onlookers would agree.

You can't take any birth for granted and we thank God that both these went well. We're looking forward to the summer when all three little kids get together.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

One Down, One To Go!

This has been an exciting and a sad week for our family. The happy thing was that on Tuesday, May 19, my daughter, Corey, and her husband Duncan saw the birth of their second daughter, Aubree Lynn Grodack. She weighed in at a tiny 6lb 9oz and is 19in long. Her initial views are that she looks very similar to sister Calleigh, although with a lighter hair color (with the little hair she does have). She is so precious, quiet and easily pleased. Corey did so well after this c-section that she came home today. I think she'll probably get more rest here.

One added bonus this week is that Bill, Ricky and Lori ended up down here and were able to see Aubree shortly after birth. Rick hung around for an extra day and had a lot of fun with Calleigh. She's still talking about it.

Calleigh is doing well being a big sister and is all eyes for anything to do with Aubree. She is especially concerned about her "binky". Calleigh wants to make sure Aubree doesn't take hers (which she still uses when she goes to bed). Her only challenge has been when we have used anything of Calleigh's for Aubree. At the moment that is not an acceptable move. Apart from that she wants to kiss Aubree and hold her. She is working on being gentle but is not always successful.

Calleigh had a big day on Sunday when she celebrated her second birthday. We had a little pool party at her other grandparents house. She had two of her little friends there and a good time was had by all.

We started this week with the sad death of our brother-in-law Clarence Casey. His funeral was on Tuesday afternoon in Clearwater. He was one really great guy and all the people that attended his funeral was a witness to that. Despite the sorrow it was nice to get together with family and friends who came from all around. Some family pictures testify to that fact.

So at this moment we are still in the waiting for our other grandchild to be born. Shawn and Camille were due to have a baby on the 17th. If Camille doesn't go inyo labor before Monday she will be induced. I'll be going home on Sunday night and look forward to being present and involved with the birth of both the new grandchildren. It is such a wonderful joy.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Getting in some "Calleigh Time"

I was sitting in almost this exact same spot when I wrote my last blog of any length. I am here again awaiting my flight back to Boston after having five days of hearing "Gigi" called approximately every two minutes of Calleigh's waking moments. It sure is great to be a grandmother and I'm not sure there is anything much cuter than an almost 2 year old who talks continuously and loves everything, especially you.

We started out with a fun day in Sea World. It's probably been 20 years since I was last there but it has aged well and I thoroughly enjoyed the animals and exhibits. There didn't seem to be a huge crowd and Corey, Calleigh and I leisurely made our way around and left when Calleigh got tired. Corey and I bought a pass that was good for a year so we will no doubt be back. Of course we will have an infant in toe at that time but Corey can handle that one.

On Friday we drove around to a few yard sales and ended up at a Splash Playground where Calleigh delighted herself in the water.

We went to church on Sabbath at The Forest Lake Church and had a chance to visit for a few minutes with Lou, Connie and Eric Badillo and saw Kim and Ann Johnson. I hadn't seen Lou and Connie in many years and it was nice to see them. I get to see Eric on a somewhat regular basis but it is always good. After a nice lunch with David, Yule and Wanda we headed down to Sanibel stopping at the MacDougall's. I can never go anywhere near Florida's west coast without stopping there. Calleigh was speachless for a very rare time with granddaughter, Kenzie's things. It is always good to see Bob and Karen and I'm still sorry they are living in Florida.

Duncan had a business conference to attend in Chicago so Corey, Calleigh and I headed to Sanibel for a two night stay over near the beach. The weather cooperated beautifully and we had a wonderful time at the beach and pool. Calleigh didn't seem the least bit interested in the shells she was only interested in the waves and water and the occasional bird or dog that passed by. We had a great time! Clarence and Shirley met us for lunch on our way back that made our trip complete.

The joys of family remain one of God's greatest gifts to us. I am very thankful.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mom's Getting Better!!

For those loved ones who want to see how Mom is doing here is a little video of her walking. She's doing better and better every day. She has been happy and content and it has been a lot of fun for me to have her around despite the circumstances. And yes, Sherrie, she really did enjoy your trip down last week to see her.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Visiting Family in Florida

Bill and I are sitting in the Orlando airport waiting to board our plane signifying the end of our little five day mini vacation visiting family in the Orlando area. Of course we stayed with Corey, Duncan and our sweet little granddaughter, Calleigh. From the moment she ran into our bed on the first morning to her wailing good bye in the car, we've had a great time with her (and all of the rest of the extended family.)

We started our time here at the zoo with both sets of doting grandparents chasing a 20 month old through the zoo. She was non stop action and chatter. She loved everything and made that clear.

Our next day was spent celebrating Corey's 33rd birthday (where does the time go?) in Disney World. Because they let you in free on your birthday Corey decided she would venture there even though she had always maintained she wouldn't be frequenting the place even while living nearby. Calleigh was in high gear and literally ran everywhere. How many people does it take to watch a toddler in Disney World? The answer was clearly seven. Not until 4pm when we finally got her into a stroller did she finally nod off for a few minutes. I hadn't been to Disney World in about 25 years and didn't notice that much has changed. However seeing it through Calleigh's eyes was very worth it.

Bill spent much time visiting with his four siblings who live in the area--Wanda, Shirley, Dick and Mary. It is always a special time when they can be together and never is it frequent enough. Spending some time with Wanda's Steve was also special as he is definitely in failing health.

Calleigh and I had a fun time going over to Toni's motorhome yesterday and going swimming in her campground's pool. She and Terry have been in Leesburg since the fall with Terry working in the Leesburg Hospital. They will be there until May when they head back north. If the google directions had been correct I would have had an extra hour visitng there.

We got to spend a little time with the younger generation that has settled (at least for now) in the Orlando area. Niece, Shannon and nephew, David, along with second cousin Megan have settled into work at Florida Hospital as nurses and a social worker. The three share an apartment and have yet to figure out who should take down their Christmas tree. It is fun to see them entering the workforce and finding our what life is all about. David has found a nice girfriend who we were happy to meet.

All in all we had a wonderful time but remain happy to be living up north. As much as we love our family down here give me the north any day. Calleigh will draw me back here in another five weeks but that's what it's like being a Gigi.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas is Behind Us

That short wonderful time between Thanksgiving and New Years has past and regular life falls back into place. We started the season as we have for several years now spending some time in the Woodstock Inn in Woodstock, Vermont. This year we got to spend three nights and it was wonderful! We were there with several old friends and Shawn and Camille for the first night.

Woodstock remains the epitome of a rustic Vermont village. It never ceases to remind us of "It's a Wonderful Life." We expect to see George Bailey at any minute particularly at one of the bridges crossing over the river.

While at Woodstock Shawn set me up on Facebook. An old friend of mine asked me to join and knowing nothing about it I did. In the last three weeks Ive learned a lot about it and have greatly enjoyed being in touch with old friends. I've loved seeing some of their family pictures. It has drawn me away from this blog however but a stranger's comment on my last blog entry has encouraged me to keep going.

Christmas started for earnest at our house on December 19 with the arrival of Duncan, Corey and Calleigh from Florida, Rick from Michigan via Maryland and our locals, Shawn and Camille from New Hampshire. The 19th ended as a winter wonderland that was especially loved by little Calleigh.

Our annual visit to the Boston Pops Christmas Concert with supper at Vinny T's first remained a holiday standard. We were not disappointed.

We added Edaville Railroad to our list of must do's for the holiday season this year. Calleigh was so thrilled with it that I'm sure it will become an annual event. We anticipate she will have a little sibling and cousin to accompany her next year. For this year she was thrilled to have her friend Bruno accompany her. I think Bruno will be much prefered for many years to come.

We spent a little time at Patriot Place where the "out of towners" got to look around. It is very impressive.

Christmas day itself was wonderful with Lori, Charlie, Kelly, Steve and my mom spending the evening and day with us. We missed the new groom Rad who was visiting the inlaws in Michigan. Toni, Terry and Kathleen helped to take up the slack. We remain grateful for the true gift of Christmas.

To all a very Happy New Year and may we appreciate God's great blessings in 2009.