Monday, April 6, 2009

Getting in some "Calleigh Time"

I was sitting in almost this exact same spot when I wrote my last blog of any length. I am here again awaiting my flight back to Boston after having five days of hearing "Gigi" called approximately every two minutes of Calleigh's waking moments. It sure is great to be a grandmother and I'm not sure there is anything much cuter than an almost 2 year old who talks continuously and loves everything, especially you.

We started out with a fun day in Sea World. It's probably been 20 years since I was last there but it has aged well and I thoroughly enjoyed the animals and exhibits. There didn't seem to be a huge crowd and Corey, Calleigh and I leisurely made our way around and left when Calleigh got tired. Corey and I bought a pass that was good for a year so we will no doubt be back. Of course we will have an infant in toe at that time but Corey can handle that one.

On Friday we drove around to a few yard sales and ended up at a Splash Playground where Calleigh delighted herself in the water.

We went to church on Sabbath at The Forest Lake Church and had a chance to visit for a few minutes with Lou, Connie and Eric Badillo and saw Kim and Ann Johnson. I hadn't seen Lou and Connie in many years and it was nice to see them. I get to see Eric on a somewhat regular basis but it is always good. After a nice lunch with David, Yule and Wanda we headed down to Sanibel stopping at the MacDougall's. I can never go anywhere near Florida's west coast without stopping there. Calleigh was speachless for a very rare time with granddaughter, Kenzie's things. It is always good to see Bob and Karen and I'm still sorry they are living in Florida.

Duncan had a business conference to attend in Chicago so Corey, Calleigh and I headed to Sanibel for a two night stay over near the beach. The weather cooperated beautifully and we had a wonderful time at the beach and pool. Calleigh didn't seem the least bit interested in the shells she was only interested in the waves and water and the occasional bird or dog that passed by. We had a great time! Clarence and Shirley met us for lunch on our way back that made our trip complete.

The joys of family remain one of God's greatest gifts to us. I am very thankful.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE the pic of Calleigh in the pool with the water fountains all around her! Her face and body language tell it all!! Thanks for sharing your pics, Melanie.

Karen McLauthlin