Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And Camden Makes Baby #2

At 4:48am on Sunday morning Corey deposited Aubree to my bed so that she could get a little uninterrupted sleep. At 5:39am when my phone rang I knew my visit with Calleigh, Aubree and their parents was about to end. As I expected it was Shawn announcing that Camille was in labor. By 9am I had the last seat on the 9:10 flight from Orlando to Manchester, NH. By 10pm after a strenuous labor little Camden Shawn Brace was born.

So Camden makes the second grandchild for Bill and me within 5 days! He is totally adorable and even though I may be prejudice I think most onlookers would agree.

You can't take any birth for granted and we thank God that both these went well. We're looking forward to the summer when all three little kids get together.

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