Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas is Behind Us

That short wonderful time between Thanksgiving and New Years has past and regular life falls back into place. We started the season as we have for several years now spending some time in the Woodstock Inn in Woodstock, Vermont. This year we got to spend three nights and it was wonderful! We were there with several old friends and Shawn and Camille for the first night.

Woodstock remains the epitome of a rustic Vermont village. It never ceases to remind us of "It's a Wonderful Life." We expect to see George Bailey at any minute particularly at one of the bridges crossing over the river.

While at Woodstock Shawn set me up on Facebook. An old friend of mine asked me to join and knowing nothing about it I did. In the last three weeks Ive learned a lot about it and have greatly enjoyed being in touch with old friends. I've loved seeing some of their family pictures. It has drawn me away from this blog however but a stranger's comment on my last blog entry has encouraged me to keep going.

Christmas started for earnest at our house on December 19 with the arrival of Duncan, Corey and Calleigh from Florida, Rick from Michigan via Maryland and our locals, Shawn and Camille from New Hampshire. The 19th ended as a winter wonderland that was especially loved by little Calleigh.

Our annual visit to the Boston Pops Christmas Concert with supper at Vinny T's first remained a holiday standard. We were not disappointed.

We added Edaville Railroad to our list of must do's for the holiday season this year. Calleigh was so thrilled with it that I'm sure it will become an annual event. We anticipate she will have a little sibling and cousin to accompany her next year. For this year she was thrilled to have her friend Bruno accompany her. I think Bruno will be much prefered for many years to come.

We spent a little time at Patriot Place where the "out of towners" got to look around. It is very impressive.

Christmas day itself was wonderful with Lori, Charlie, Kelly, Steve and my mom spending the evening and day with us. We missed the new groom Rad who was visiting the inlaws in Michigan. Toni, Terry and Kathleen helped to take up the slack. We remain grateful for the true gift of Christmas.

To all a very Happy New Year and may we appreciate God's great blessings in 2009.

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Corey said...

What a treat to find a blog entry from you. Even though I know about most of what you wrote, I still love to read and enjoy the pictures. I'm sad Christmas is over but I guess if it lasted forever it wouldn't be as special...