Sunday, September 7, 2008

? The Last Swim of the Summer

Today was one of those particularly beautiful days which sometimes occur after a storm (bye bye Hannah) passes New England. We spent last night and today on Cape Cod. I spent the first 20 summers of my life on Cape Cod and have visited my Mom and sister there on a steady basis for all the years thereafter. I have a natural bias for the area, as well as many other beautiful spots in New England. Today the hot weather lured us to the beach and the warm water of Craigville Beach was reminiscent of numerous swims through the years. The sad thing is that now that Labor Day has passed it will most likely be the last swim of this summer season.

The Old Country Store in Centerville has the classic look of the area.

Life has taken on a rather routine flavor since our return from Nova Scotia. I have battled a sore (very sore) left knee since being hit by a baseball in mid July. It came to a painful crises for me last week but thankfully medical intervention has brought some relief. I continue to go to work each day and Bill and maintain a very busy schedule.

Over labor day week-end our Braintree Church spent 3 wonderful nights camping in Freeport, Maine. The weather was incredible and as a group we had an awesome time. Sleeping under a starfilled sky out in nature certainly does something for the soul.

We're looking forward to Corey and Calleigh visiting us for a week at the end of this month. Corey loves New England in the fall and I love to be around Calleigh so we'll all be happy. So I'll continue to post a blog from time to time.