Monday, October 27, 2008

I Can't Sleep

I'm having one of those very unusual nights when I can't fall asleep. For those who know me well this sounds rather unbelievable because I seem to be able to sleep anywhere. I've even been known to fall asleep standing up. But for some reason sleep just isn't coming tonight so I've abandoned my bed and ended up at my computer. After reading everybody else's blog I know of, and still being awake, I've come to my own. It has been many weeks since I've posted any news.

My "galavanting" has been quite limited to New England travel for the past two months but why would anyone want to travel anywhere but New England in the fall? The leaves have been particularly good this season and still, in the end of October, beautiful.

Two weeks ago we spent part of three days with many kind church friends producing "Uncle Bill's Homemade New England Applesauce". We made over 550 jars and are selling it as a fundraiser for our school. If I do say so myself it is the best applesauce around and is far superior to anything for sale in the stores. Anyone looking for some feel free to contact me.

Our really big news as a family involves my daughter, Corey, and my daughter in law, Camille. They are both expecting babies in May, one week apart! I'm still trying to figure out how to be in both Florida and New Hampshire at the same time. I have one grandchild that has mastered the name "Gigi", we'll see if the next two can also. I am so excited about both these pregnancies and time can't go quick enough for me until May.

I'll add a few pictures to this blog and then see if I can fall asleep.